production artistique ou exécutive pour les yeux ou les oreilles, depuis 1990.
art or executive production for ears or eyes, since 1990.

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2006 : LAB[au] : 12M4S : sound design.

About :

"12m4s" is a site-specific work by LAb[au] conceived for the major circulation axis of the art center STUK in Leuven (B) during the Artefact festival. The installation, based on different capture techniques such as image recognition and ultra sound sensors, uses all these multiple tracked data to create a space of sound and movement. The result, this "particle synthesis" is projected on a mylar screen fusing projection and reflection while building a common space in between the digital and the body space.

4 LCD projectors, mylar screen cristal screen: 12m x 1,6m, 4 infra-red cameras, 8 speakers, infra-red illumators.

Credits :

Conception, code and design : LAb[au] (Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock, Els Vermang).
Sound design : Marc Wathieu.
Technical and set-up support : Peter Maschke.

Pictures :

Photos : Els Vermang, Leuven 2006.

illustration illustration illustration

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Video :

LAB[au] : 12m4s.
STUK, Leuven, 2006.

Links :

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