production artistique ou exécutive pour les yeux ou les oreilles, depuis 1990.
art or executive production for ears or eyes, since 1990.

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2013 : Charlotte Beaudry : Pleasure.

"Pleasure (2013)", animatronic sculpture by Charlotte Beaudry. Release : April 11, 2013.

Description :

Charlotte Beaudry : Pleasure, 2013.
Silicon, aluminium, servomotor, electronic component

Protruding from the wall, an articulated index finger (1:1 size) performs a repetitive movement, slowly folding in on itself as if to say "Come closer".

Charlotte Beaudry - preview Charlotte Beaudry - preview

Click on any preview for a full resolution picture (will open a new window).
See more pictures on Flickr.

Downloads :

Download here the technical rider (A4, english, updated on May 06, 2013) as a zipped .pdf (1,4 Mo).


Click on the preview for a full resolution .jpg picture (will open a new window).
Or download here the "Warning sheet", A4, zipped .pdf (188 Ko).

Credits :

Art direction : Charlotte Beaudry.
Molding and production : Laurent Couline.
Executive production : Marc Wathieu - X.Y.Zèbres scrl.

Slideshow :

Direct link to the set on Flickr.

Exhibitions :

Charlotte Beaudry "Gloss" Solo Show at von Bartha Garage, Basel, November 2013.
Charlotte Beaudry "Temptress" Solo Show at MOCAK, Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakòw, June 2013.
Batterie, group show, Résidences-Ateliers Vivegnis International, Liège, April 12 to May 17, 2013 (Premiere).

Links :

Charlotte Beaudry's website.
Charlotte Beaudry at Aliceday gallery, Brussels.
Charlotte Beaudry at von Bartha gallery, Basel.
Charlotte Beaudry on wikipedia.fr.
Charlotte Beaudry on artnet.
More pictures of "Pleasure" on my Flickr.
Laurent Couline's website.

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